A Guide to the Neptune Mutual NFT Minting System

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A comprehensive article answering important questions on minting Neptune Mutual NFTs.

The Neptune Mutual NFT loyalty reward program gives all Neptunites a chance to collect NFTs without having to purchase them. Active users of the marketplace can earn points that can be used to mint exclusive NFTs for free.

The NFT portal includes three categories of NFTs:

Minting Neptune Mutual NFTs allow you to showcase your membership within the Neptunite Community. Each Neptune Mutual NFT is unique, providing you with a form of recognition and individuality. The NFTs are provided as a reward for being a loyal Neptune Mutual user. So, you can build a collection of digital artwork in your portfolio for free. Each NFT in Neptune Mutual is completely unique, making it exclusive to the person who mints it.

Let’s dive in on how to get started.

What Is the Minimum Spend Requirement to Mint My First NFT?#

We are providing the NFTs exclusively to the users participating in the Neptunite community. The first NFT you are required to mint to progress through the levels is your “soulbound NFT”, and you can do so by purchasing a cover worth $10 or by providing liquidity worth $10 on the BNB Chain Marketplace. The fee you will need to pay for a $10 cover policy typically amounts to less than $0.2. Thus, to answer the question, the minimum spending requirement to mint your first NFT is less than $0.2 for cover purchasers.


  1. Your soulbound NFT can only be minted after purchasing cover or providing liquidity on the BNB Chain. Once you have acquired your soulbound NFT, your past and future history of interacting with the Neptunite marketplace across all chains will be valid to progress through the levels.
  2. After the Neptune Mutual liquidity gauge and vote escrow NPM program are launched, acquiring NFTs will only be available for cover purchasers, and liquidity providers will participate in the upcoming Neptune Wars for extensive rewards. Meaning, LPs, take advantage now and mint as many NFTs as you can!

How to Mint Your First NFT for Free#

  1. Ensure that you have obtained cover protection worth at least $10 or provided liquidity worth $10 from the BNB Marketplace.
  2. Visit the NFT portal at Neptune Mutual and click on “Access Marketplace”.
  3. Type “Grim Wyvern” in the search bar, select the one you want, connect your wallet, and click “mint”.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and provide any required information or permissions.

Once the minting process is completed, you will have successfully minted your first NFT, the "Grim Wyvern," which will be added to your portfolio.

Remember to share your successfully minted NFTs on Twitter and tag us.

What Is the Difference When Minting Neptune Mutual's Soulbound and Tradeable NFTs?#

Soulbound NFTs are the first NFTs you can mint at Neptune Mutual. They serve as the starting point for minting other tradable NFTs. To mint a soulbound NFT, you only need to make a minimum cover purchase worth $10 or provide liquidity worth $10 from the BNB Marketplace, with no additional requirements. These NFTs are unique to each user and cannot be sold or transferred. The minting of soulbound NFTs is specific to the Marketplace on the BNB Smart Chain.

In contrast, minting tradable NFTs requires you to be eligible with a set number of points obtained by interacting with the Marketplace. Unlike soulbound NFTs, tradable NFTs count your interactions on all Neptune Mutual’s available chains.

How Are the Minting Levels Structured?#

There are a total of seven minting levels for Neptune Mutual NFTs. The minting process begins with the soulbound NFT. After the soulbound NFT is minted, you are eligible to proceed through the different levels.

The unlocking of each level is determined by a point system based on the amount of coverage purchased. This means that the more coverage you purchase, the higher your point score, allowing you to unlock higher minting levels.

Levels 1, 3, and 5 represent selection levels, where you can select new characters. On the other hand, in levels 2, 4, and 6, you can choose the evolutions of the previous level, showcasing advancements in the artwork.

Finally, at level 7, you have the opportunity to mint the Neptune character himself, reaching the highest point of Neptune Mutual's NFT journey.

Can I Choose My Character?#

Certainly! You have the freedom to choose your character. During the persona creation process, you will be prompted to choose your team! Either the Beasts or Guardians side. If you choose Guardians, your character at level 1 will be Delphinus. On the other hand, if you choose Beasts, your initial character will be Sabersquatch.

At levels 3 and 5, you’ll get to mint other characters. You’re prompted to change your character, either by switching sides or remaining loyal to the same side.

Trade or Collect Your NFTs#

Neptune Mutual doesn't sell NFTs to users. Rather, users mint the NFTs for free as a reward for engaging with the platform. Once the NFTs are minted, they can be stored in a wallet to look back on later as part of a collection, traded with other users, or sold on popular marketplaces.

Soulbound NFTs are locked to the wallet they were first minted on, but others can be transferred in the same way you might trade or sell NFTs purchased or earned on other platforms.

Be a Part of a Special Group of DeFi Protectors#

The Neptune Mutual NFT collection is a tip of the hat to both traditional myths and legends and our own DeFi world. As a Neptune Mutual NFT owner, you'll be joining an exclusive group of individuals.

NFTs at Level 1 will be limited to just 1,000 siblings, and those at Level 6 will be limited to just 50 siblings. Neptune, unlocked at Level 7, will be even rarer. Owning one of these special collectibles shows your commitment to the world of DeFi, whether that's as a trader who has purchased cover or someone who has contributed liquidity to a cover pool, helping build protection into the ecosystem as a whole.

At minting levels 1, 3 & 5, you'll have the option to choose the Guardian or Beast category from which you can select an NFT that you'd like to collect. Do you want to show your allegiance to the Guardians of DeFi? Or perhaps you will display your darker side and build a collection of the Beasts that lurk beneath the waters. Perhaps you'd prefer to mix and match, the choice is yours. Take a look at the lore of Neptune's DeFi world and start planning your collection today.