Decentralized Insurance Protocol for Ethereum

Neptune Mutual is the first parametric insurance protocol created for Ethereum.

Launch the app, choose an insurance pool, and enter your coverage amount. Following successful incident resolution, collect stablecoin payouts immediately. No need to provide personally identifiable information, loss evidence, or wait for a verdict.

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Securing your favorite DeFi, CeFi, and Metaverse Apps

  • Aave
  • Balancer
  • Gnosis Safe
  • Maker DAO
  • Binance
  • OKX
  • Uniswap
  • Curve
  • 1inch
  • Bancor
  • Compound
  • Convex
  • dydx
  • GMX
  • Sushiswap

What’s New?

The latest news, updates, and announcements from our team.

Understanding Jimbos Protocol Exploit

Learn how the Jimbos Protocol was exploited, resulting in a loss of funds worth approx 4048 ETH.

Understanding Local Traders Exploit

Learn how the P2P Exchange Local Traders was exploited, resulting in a loss of 379.32 BNB.

How Was CS Token Exploited?

Learn how the CS Token was exploited, resulting in a loss of approximately $715,000.

How Was LunaFi Exploited?

Learn how LunaFi was exploited on the Polygon chain, resulting in a loss of approximately $35,000.

Cover Product Spotlight: Compound Finance

A spotlight article on Compound Finance with its features, financials, & security record.

Reduce Your Exposure to Crypto Market Risks
Decentralized Parametric Insurance

Neptune Mutual Protocol offers a couple of different flavors of decentralized parametric insurances.

Dedicated Covers

Created by projects, for their communities. These are tailor made cover policies designed to protect a specific community from security risk.

Diversified Covers

Created to enable liquidity providers to diversify the risk of their capital across a portfolio of projects. This enables the Neptune Mutual marketplace to offer cover policies to a wider variety of projects in DeFi, CeFi and Metaverse.

Let's #buidl

Don't let your users ever leave your DeFi app. With a few lines of code, enable your users to access all cover features. Supply liquidity, purchase covers, and interact with your decentralized cover pool directly within your own DeFi app, frontend, or backend.

  import { ChainId, liquidity } from '@neptunemutual/sdk'

  const add = async () => {
    const amount = 150_000 * 1e18

    // First approve the Policy contract to spend your DAI
    await liquidity.approve(ChainId.Ethereum, key, { amount })

    const response = await liquidity.add(ChainId.Ethereum, key, amount)

  [info] {
    status: 'Success',
    result: {
      nonce: 1,
      gasPrice: BigNumber { _hex: '0x06fc23ac00', _isBigNumber: true },
      wait: [Function (anonymous)]


Write Less Code

Write less code and plug in your own Web3 provider. Get complete access to all DeFi cover features.

Use Anywhere

Built on Typescript, the Cover SDK works on both frontend and backend environments, on any framework.

Attract Liquidity

With our support, you can get more visibility to bootstrap liquidity into your own DeFi cover pool.

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Coming Soon
NFT Series Collection

We are developing an amazing collection of NFTs for our community. You can expect both tradeable and soulbound versions, some of which may have an economic benefit and utility within the marketplace. Be sure to join our Discord community to keep up to date with our NFT news.

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