Neptune Mutual NFTs
Neptune Mutual's free soulbound and tradeable NFT collections: Guardians, Beasts, Neptune, and more

Be Aware of Scammers

It is important to note that any communication from someone claiming to represent Neptune Mutual and offering any kind of tokens or rewards is likely fraudulent. We urge you not to trust any fake websites, as the only official source for information about Neptune Mutual is our website,

Stay vigilant and protect your personal information and assets from potential scammers. The details of this reward system will be shared on later.


Our Neptune, Guardians, and Beasts collections each have their unique identity, offering users a diverse range of digital assets to explore, collect, and trade. As part of our commitment to democratizing access to blockchain-based collectibles, we're proud to offer all of these NFT collections for free. So whether you're a fan of the mythical beasts of the deep or the tales of Greek gods and goddesses, we invite you to join us and celebrate the wonder and beauty of the ocean's mythology with our NFT collections.

Neptune Mutual's NFT collection will be classified into the following types - Free to Mint and Soulbound. The categories aim to provide diverse and inclusive experiences for users, offering free options, rewarding loyal users, and creating unique bonds between NFTs and holders. This classification adds depth and accessibility to Neptune Mutual's NFT collection and demonstrates the commitment to creating an enjoyable experience for our community.

Free-to-mint NFTs are exclusive artworks that can be minted at no charge. Within the Neptune Mutual application, users can acquire these NFTs by advancing through seven levels and gaining experience by engaging with the platform.

On the other hand, airdropped NFTs are distributed to individuals without requiring any form of payment or compensation. These NFTs may be offered as a promotional incentive or as a reward for participating in specific events or activities.


The "Beasts" represent the antagonists of both Neptune and the Guardians, and they pose an ongoing hazard to the DeFi seas. Their tendency to create turmoil and disorder necessitates the Guardians' constant vigilance and unwavering commitment to safeguarding the ecosystem.

Beasts may have no relation or interaction within the mythology of Neptune, but they represent the modern-age threats happening in the web3 and DeFi space. This category features collections of mythical creatures and monsters.


The Guardians are Neptune's devoted partners in safeguarding the DeFi seas. They are recognized as Neptune's powerful army, recognized for their unfaltering faithfulness and devotion, and they possess a range of inviolable abilities that surpass those of the Beasts.

The inspiration for the Guardians collection comes from the myths and legends surrounding Neptune, specifically focusing on the characters that play significant roles in his story and representations. This category showcases a variety of gods, goddesses, and magnificent creatures that assist Neptune in his battles against the Beasts.


The hero character of the entire NFT collection is Neptune, who is the Roman deity of both seas and freshwater. The themes and storyline of this NFT collection revolve around Neptune, who embodies Neptune Mutual and its fundamental objectives in the DeFi sector. As the omnipotent deity of the DeFi Seas, his purpose is to shield and defend it from any malevolent attacks by the Beasts.

Soulbound NFTs#

Soulbound NFTs are unique to individual users and are non-transferable or non-sellable once claimed. By owning a Neptune Mutual Soulbound NFT, users gain exclusive access to the benefits and features of the NFT ecosystem. For instance, to mint any other Neptune Mutual NFTs, users must first own a Soulbound NFT. This ensures that only committed and loyal users of Neptune Mutual have access to its most valuable rewards and features. You need to have at least 10 NPM tokens to mint a soulbound NFT.

Tradable NFTs#

To facilitate NFT minting, Neptune Mutual has designed two categories of NFTs: Guardians and Beasts. Eligible users, based on their accumulated points, can select one of the two categories to mint their first NFT and progress through the tiers. For example, a Level 1 Beast can mint a Level 2 Beast once enough points have been accumulated but cannot mint a Guardian, and vice versa. Once users have made their initial category selection, they cannot change their decision.

The number of NFTs per tier is limited, and reaching the status of a "Legendary Neptune" at Tier 7 is a significant achievement. In addition to qualifying for token airdrops and league tables, we plan to design and release more utilities for the NFTs in the future. You need to have at least 10 NPM tokens to mint a tradeable NFT.



The NFT collections will be structured in 7 levels that represent the user's progress as minters, policy providers, and liquidity providers. Access to the collections will only be granted once a user reaches a certain level. Each level will allow users to mint one NFT for free, and after completing all seven levels, the user will have acquired a total of 7 NFTs. This system incentivizes users to become more involved in the platform and rewards them with a unique and valuable collection of NFTs.


The platform offers users a choice between a couple of NFT options to mint: a Guardian NFT or a Beast NFT. However, users can only select one NFT per level and cannot mint both.


Each NFT collection has a sibling count. Sibling count indicates the number of copies (or maximum supply) an NFT collection has. Each sibling has a different set of attributes making it unique and only one of its kind.


The rarity of NFTs will depend on their level and the number of siblings. The levels will range from 1 to 10, with higher levels indicating lower sibling counts, which will, in turn, result in a rarer NFT collection.

Draft NFT Rewards#

This table serves as an initial draft of the NPM token and NFT reward program, much like an airdrop, and is subject to change. By interacting with the protocol, you may have the chance to acquire the points listed below.

Points Table#

Level Minimum Points Needed Either Policy Purchase Or Liqudity Supply 
- - $10 $0
1 100 $16,000 $2,667
2 1000 $160,000 $26,667
3 5000 $800,000 $133,333
4 7500 $1,200,000 $200,000
5 10,000 $1,600,000 $266,667
6 25,000 $4,000,000 $666,667
7 50,000 $8,000,000 $1,333,333

There are several ways for you to earn points: you can purchase policies, provide liquidity, or do both simultaneously. However, to mint a higher-level NFT, you must first have already minted the lower-level NFTs.

Rewards Table#

L Role Name Min P Max W NPM

L Role Type Name Min P Max W NPM**
- - Soulbound Grim Wyvern 1 - 0
1 G Selection Delphinus 100 1000 400
2 G Evolution Epic Delphinus 1000 500 4000
3 G Selection Aquavallo 5000 250 20K
4 G Evolution Epic Aquavallo 7500 200 30K
5 G Selection Salacia 10,000 100 40K
6 G Evolution Epic Salacia 25,000 50 100K
1 B Selection Sabersquatch 100 1000 400
2 B Evolution Diabolic Sabersquatch 1000 500 4000
3 B Selection Gargantuworm 5000 250 20K
4 B Evolution Diabolic Gargantuworm 7500 200 30K
5 B Selection Merman Serpent 10,000 100 40K
6 B Evolution Diabolic Merman Serpent 25,000 50 100K
7 G Finale Legendary Neptune 50,000 25 200K

L = Level, G = Guradian, B = Beast, Min P = Min Points, Max W = Max Winners (Max Siblings), NPM = Additional NPM Reward for Collecting Points

  • Unlocking each level enables you to mint a brand new NFT
  • Unlocking each level enables you to mint NPM token difference from the last round
  • ** The NPM reward will be discountinued/replaced by liquidity gauge pools upon launch



Epic Delphinus

Diabolic Sabersquatch



Epic Aquavallo

Diabolic Gargantuworm


Merman Serpent

Epic Salacia

Diabolic Merman Serpent

Legendary Neptune

Character Introduction#


Sabersquatch Diabolic Sabersquatch

A bloodthirsty predator and hunter of the weak.

The Sabersquatch is a ferocious predator that roams the wild, inhabiting dark forests and isolated islands. This beast, born from lycanthropes, is a bloody, hairy creature with a massive mouth filled with razor-sharp canines similar to a sabertooth tiger's. Its bite can easily crush bones, penetrate thick flesh, and even break through metal barriers. The Sabersquatch's heightened sensory glands give it an acute sense of smell, enabling it to detect wounded prey from a vast distance. This bloodthirsty monster preys on any creature that crosses its path in the DeFi world, searching for vulnerable prey to attack. The Sabersquatch is a hybrid character inspired by werewolves and symbolizes malware that targets unprotected and legacy operating systems.


Gargantuworm Diabolic Gargantuworm

A gigantic worm wreaking havoc and destruction.

The Gargantuworm is a colossal worm found in dark forests and underground caves. It is known to cause earthquakes and is heavily armored with spiked scales, a poisonous stinger tail, and a powerful jaw with claw-like appendages lined with layers of teeth. Its massive head is equipped with multiple glowing eyes similar to that of a spider. This creature is selected as a beast due to its similarities to the Indus worm described in ancient Greek writings and also based on worm viruses. The Gargantuworm is a destructive force of nature that should be avoided at all costs. Its size and strength make it a formidable opponent, and its poisonous stinger tail poses a significant threat to any creature that crosses its path.

Merman Serpent#

Merman Serpent Diabolic Merman Serpent

A vicious reptilian monster corrupting the seas.

The Merman Serpent is a hideous fiend of the seas. This vile creature is characterized by a slender humanoid body with a slimy skin of scales and sharp dorsal spines running from its temple to its long tail fin. It has webbed feet and hands with sharp claws, its mouth opens wide with deadly serpent fangs and a reptilian tongue. Its bite secretes a rancid venom that paralyses its prey. The Merman Serpent is based on mermen and sirens - deceitful and corrupt sea monsters in roman mythology, hence it is one of the Beasts. It is a character that resembles disguising malwares, tricking users to believe they are not threats therefore granting them control over their systems.

Grim Wyvern#

Grim Wyvern Diabolic Grim Wyvern

A monstrous flying dragon vengefully targeting the chain.

The Grim Wyvern is a monstrous flying dragon set to prowl above the seas of the DeFi world targetting to attack holes and cracks around the chain. This creature was born from lava and smoldering remains from volcanic eruptions. The Grim Wyvern is distinguished to have 2 legs with its arms attached to its massive wings, It has 2 large horns and a wide mouth that breathes various types of fire. At the end of its tail is a venomous sharp stinger used to inflict malicious cyberthreats and viruses. This creature is selected as one of the Beasts - the enemies of Neptune, comparable to its antagonistic nature in roman/greek mythology. (Other Beasts may or may not be based on Roman mythology creatures.)


Delphinus Epic Delphinus

The stellar dolphin guardian empowered by the heavens.

Delphinus is a dolphin in Greek mythology who was sent by Neptune to find Salacia and convince her to marry him. As a reward for its mission, Delphinus was immortalized in the constellation of the same name. The character is depicted as being swift and agile, with golden armor plates and a majestic shawl. It also wears a golden helm and can draw power from the stars to enhance its strength and protectiveness while patrolling the seas at night. Delphinus is one of the chosen Guardians in mythology due to its important role in the love story of Neptune and Salacia. The dolphin's protective and good-natured instincts also make it a fitting symbol of guardianship. Overall, Delphinus is a powerful and revered figure in mythology, symbolizing the virtues of loyalty, bravery, and steadfastness in protecting loved ones.


Aquavallo Epic Aquavallo

The steadfast seahorse guardian in voyage and battles.

Aquavallo is a fierce Hippocampus that accompanies Neptune in his travels, based on the giant seahorses that pull his chariot. This creature is a formidable opponent in battles against the Beasts and a loyal companion to Neptune. With its golden wings, Aquavallo gracefully swims through the depths of the sea. Its body is protected by a helm, shawl, and armor plates, making it a formidable defender of portals and key locations. Along with other Guardians, Aquavallo traverses the seas to keep the chain secure. Aquavallo was chosen as a Guardian due to its association with Neptune's stories and depictions in Roman and Greek Mythology. Seahorses, in particular, have a close connection with Neptune, and Aquavallo's ferocity and loyalty make it an ideal companion for the god of the sea.


Salacia Epic Salacia

The majestic goddess and shielding light of the seas.

Salacia, the wife of Neptune, is worshipped as the goddess of the seas in Roman/Greek mythology. She symbolizes the calmness and tranquillity of the sea, and commands the sorcery of the ocean depths. She wears a golden armour with a majestic protective cape, enchanted jewellery, and a crown of corals, gems, and gold. Salacia uses her staff to cast spells against beasts and heal Neptune. Salacia is significant to Neptune's story as he fell in love with her, a beautiful sea nymph who was initially shy and gentle. With the help of a dolphin, Neptune found and married Salacia, and they lived in a palace beneath the ocean floor adorned with gold, corals, and gems. As Neptune's queen and love, Salacia is a strong ally and dedicated to protecting the DeFi world against evil beasts as one of the Guardians.

Neptune: The All-Powerful God of the DeFi Seas#

Neptune is the god of the seas and freshwater in Roman mythology, the concepts and narrative of this NFT world revolves around his story. He represents Neptune Mutual and its primary goals in the DeFi space. As the almighty god of the DeFi Seas, his mission is to protect and safeguard it from attacks and malicious threats brought by the Beasts. Neptune is the hero character of the whole NFT collections. This category features collections of just this character alone.

Neptune is the all-powerful protector of the chain. He is the god that rules and balances the seas of the DeFi world. Neptune is vigorous and indestructible, clothed with sheaths of gold and a legendary armor. He recognizably wears a golden crown and always carries his mighty and majestic trident. He is in the vanguard of fighting against the Beasts and ensuring safety and protection to the chain. Neptune is the main NFT of the collection. The concepts and narrative of this collection revolves around his story based on mythology. He represents Neptune Mutual and its primary goals in the DeFi space.

All NFTs#

Level Name Start Index Siblings Rarity
1 Delphinus 100000 1000 5
1 Sabersquatch 110000 1000 5
2 Epic Delphinus 120000 500 6
2 Diabolic Sabersquatch 121000 500 6
3 Aquavallo 130000 250 7
3 Gargantuworm 131000 250 7
4 Epic Aquavallo 140000 200 8
4 Diabolic Gargantuworm 141000 200 8
5 Salacia 150000 100 9
5 Merman Serpent 151000 100 9
6 Epic Salacia 160000 50 10
6 Diabolic Merman Serpent 161000 50 10
7 Legendary Neptune 170000 25 10
- Grim Wyvern (Soulbound) 180000 -1 -
- Diabolic Grim Wyvern 190000 1000 5
- Neptune 199000 25 10