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What Is the ERC-404 Token Standard?

Learn about ERC-404, an experimental token standard for creating semi-fungible tokens.

Disney’s Venture into NFTs with Dapper Labs

Disney and Dapper Labs join hands to create an NFT program called Disney Pinnacle.

Spotlight: Neptune Mutual’s NFT Portal

A spotlight article highlighting the Neptune Mutual NFT Portal and our profile on Element

The Lore: The Battle of the DeFi Seas

Neptune and the Guardians harness the power of DeFi insurance to defend against the Beasts

A Guide to the Neptune Mutual NFT Minting System

A comprehensive article answering important questions on minting Neptune Mutual NFTs.

Beasts: Creating Chaos in the DeFi Sea

Grim Wyvern arranges a meet to gather beasts with plans to attack DeFi against Neptune.

Guardians: An Alliance to Safeguard the DeFi Sea

Guardians talk about uniting to defend the DeFi Sea against the beasts & rising threats.

Neptune: Powerful God Protecting the DeFi Sea

Neptune and Salacia talk about protecting the mortals from the threats of the DeFi seas.

An Introduction to Neptune Mutual NFTs

Neptune Mutual announces NFT launch aiming to reward and engage the Neptunite community.

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