Neptune: Powerful God Protecting the DeFi Sea

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Neptune and Salacia talk about protecting the mortals from the threats of the DeFi seas.

Since the dawn of time, Neptune has ruled  the seas, rivers, and streams. While known to his brothers as being fickle and prone to fits of rage, he has a boundless capacity for love. His wife, Salacia, is the main object of his affection. However, he also cares deeply for the mortals that venture into his domain.

He can often be found looking down over the world, watching the bold and brave adventurers that inhabit it. He has seen mortals grow and learn, from venturing out of their caves to building great cities and even attempting to tame the seas. The bravery, capacity for learning, and willingness to dream that the mortals show is something that's always fascinated Neptune. Though all the deities and demi-gods around him had both immortality and power, he often found them complacent and even boring compared to the mortals around him.

The World Is Evolving#

Neptune lives in a glorious castle with a tall watchtower that allows him to survey the whole of his domain. He would often sit there for hours, even days at a time, watching the lives of the mortals play out around him. That's what he was doing today when Salacia came into the tower to join him.

"My love, you've been here for days. We're supposed to be leaving for Olympus to meet with your father." Salacia said tenderly.

Neptune sighed, "I'll join you soon. But look at them..." he gestured to the waters below.

"You and your mortals," laughed Salacia. "They'll be alright without you for a few days. Those young ones barely even know we exist."

He nodded. "Times have changed, that's true... but they need us more than ever."

He stared off into the distance, not even looking at the sea anymore. His mind was somewhere else. He thought about the early mortals, who worshiped fire, and their descendants, who gradually tamed nature and built great cities and monuments to his father and brothers. There was a time when he was feared, as adventurers, emboldened by the gentle nature of rivers, attempted to explore the treacherous seas.

But now they had mastered water. Or so they thought, and there was a new challenge. The blockchain. These young mortals may have entered the world too early to explore the stars and too late to get the sense of adventure their forefathers had from the sea, but they were still pioneers in DeFi, and as pioneers, they fell under his domain.

Salacia broke his reverie, "The waters look calm. They just celebrated the solstice. We'll be back in the castle before the sea is treacherous again."

It was then Neptune realized Salacia didn't understand. "It's not the seas I'm worried about. The technology possessed by these mortals is more than enough to handle some pranks or thunder from my brothers. It's the pioneers. They see the potential of DeFi, but they can't see the threats lurking under the water."

Salacia frowned and took a step closer to the castle walls to get a better look at the seas. Waving her hands, she muttered something—a spell to clear the water slightly so she could view the sea bed. She gasped, "What is that?", as she gestured to a snake-like being under the water.

"A merman serpent!" hissed Neptune. "He preys on those poor adventurers. It disgusts me. The mortals used to fear us; some still do today. But we have always been fair. Even my brothers have rules and a code of honor. A twisted one, you may say, but still a code. What they do is senseless. Stealing from the innocent. Taking away their hope and dreams, and for what? We have to protect them."

"I had no idea..." Salacia sighed.

"The world has changed a lot these last few years, for the mortals, at least." Neptune speaks more calmly now. "More changes are brewing too. Those DeFi pioneers know it. They're going to bring freedom to others. Not with sails and oars, but with code. I've been studying them and their work. They've no need for me to protect them on their giant cruise ships and tankers. But they need someone to shield them from the mermen and wyverns and their hacks and phishing attacks. Will you help me?"

Forever a Guardian#

Salacia turned from the castle walls and walked back to sit next to her beloved Neptune. She remained silent for a moment.

"Your love for those adventurers will be the undoing of both of us," she scoffed, "but I'll always be there by your side.

Before Neptune could thank her, she added, "Those beasts look powerful. We'll need allies. And it will be difficult to persuade the pantheon to help us. They long for the glory days, they don't want to work from the shadows."

Neptune nodded solemnly. Even he missed the days when the old Gods were worshiped, but helping the pioneers was its own reward. He found their ingenuity refreshing and invigorating.

"Delphinus won't take kindly to the beasts encroaching on his waters," mused Neptune, "and there will surely be others."

He rose from his grand chair and took one last look out over the seas. "But you're right, my love. It's time to go to Olympus. Father doesn't take kindly to tardiness. When we return, we can look for allies and start building our defenses."

Neptune's glance kept shifting back to some pioneers who were heading towards a dark, uncharted part of the world. He was obviously reluctant to leave.

Salacia rose with him and laughed, her eyes shining as she looked at him with affection. "Is the vengeful Neptune worried about those little mortals?", she hugged him. "They'll survive for now. And who knows, father or one of his scholars may be able to help us."

"Smart contracts and cold storage don't seem like things the old Gods would have any care for, but it's worth a try," he conceded.

And with that, he strode boldly towards the door to head back into the castle's halls. The era of ocean exploration may be over, but Neptune knew that he would forever be a guardian.

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