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Flash Loan Attacks

What Are the Main Security Issues in DeFi?

Learn about different security risks in DeFi and protective measures against them

How Was Allbridge Exploited?

Learn how Allbridge was exploited which resulted in a loss of approximately $570,000.

How was Euler Finance Exploited?

Learn how an attacker exploited Euler Finance to steal funds worth approximately $200 million.

How was Dynamic Finance Exploited?

Learn how an attacker exploited Dynamic Finance causing the protocol to lose 73 BNB.

Platypus Finance Flash Loan Attack

Learn how Platypus Finance was exploited via flash loan attack leading to a loss of $9 million.

Orion protocol hack

Taking a Closer Look at Orion Protocol Hack

Learn how an attacker exploited Orion Protocol as a result of insufficient reentrancy protection.

Bevo nft project exploit

How was BEVO NFT Project Exploited

How was BEVO NFT project exploited by an attacker due to the deflationary nature of the tokens?

Upswing finance exploited

How Was Upswing Finance Exploited?

Learn how an attacker utilized a flash loan attack to manipulate the price of Upswing Finance.

How Was BRA Token Exploited?

A logical flaw in the BRA token contract allowed a hacker to be profited by $225,000.

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