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Crypto Hacks

How Was SafeMoon Exploited?

Learn how SafeMoon was exploited which resulted in a loss of approximately $8.65 million.

Analyzing Raydium Hack

Raydium suffered loss of $4.395 million due to exploit likely caused by the loss of private key.

Nimbus Platform Flash Loan Attack Cover

Nimbus Platform Flash Loan Attack

Nimbus Platform was exploited using flash loan attack losing upto 278 BNB, approx $76,000.

Roast Football Exploit

Roast Football Lost Funds through Exploited Reward System

Roast Football suffered a unique attack, manipulation on the reward system to book a profit.

Helio Protocol Hack

Report: Know about the Helio Protocol Hack

Helio protocol, a liquidity protocol suffered an Oracle failure resulting the loss of approx $15.5M.

Taking a Closer Look at Ankr Hack

Ankr protocol a web3 infrastructure provider suffered a governance key compromise.

Taking a Closer Look at the Numbers Protocol Hack

Numbers Protocol on the Ethereum was attacked, resulting in the loss of approximately $13,836.

Ftx Hack

Taking a Closer Look at the FTX Hack

Over $477 million was reportedly stolen from FTX and FTX US in a suspected black hat theft.

Brahtopg Smart Contract Vulnerability

Decoding brahTOPG Smart Contract Vulnerability

The TopGear vault of Brahma (brahTOPG) project was attacked resulting in a loss of $89,343.

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