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What Is the ERC-404 Token Standard?

Learn about ERC-404, an experimental token standard for creating semi-fungible tokens.

What Is Web3 Antivirus?

Discover how Web3 Antivirus protects your digital assets from scams and threats.

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Crypto Bull Market

Learn how you can prepare for the upcoming crypto bull market and protect your funds.

Exploring Web3 Gaming and Its Sustainability

Understand the Web3 gaming realm, associated challenges, and how to make it sustainable.

Unraveling the Intricacies of EtherHiding

Learn about EtherHiding, an attack on Web2 platforms by the use of BNB Smart Chain.

Web2 Flaws: Major Reason for Web3 Hacks in 2022

Exploring an Immunefi study stating Web2 flaws as the leading cause of Web3 hacks in 2022

Mitigating DeFi Risks with Parametric Insurance

Some recent hacks in DeFi and the role of parametric cover in mitigating DeFi risks

Digital Assets Growth Potential and Risk Factors

Understand the growth potential and risks factors associated with digital asset market.

Discretionary vs Parametric Insurance for Crypto

An article on the differences between parametric and discretionary covers in blockchain

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