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Claim Assessment in DeFi Insurance

Claim processing can be complex depending on the insurance provider's assessment of incidents.

How was Dynamic Finance Exploited?

Learn how an attacker exploited Dynamic Finance causing the protocol to lose 73 BNB.

What Is Embedded Insurance and Why Adopt It in DeFi?

Embedded insurance simplifies DeFi for users amidst its multiple chains, tokens, and layers.

Cover Product Spotlight: Curve Finance

The Neptune Mutual marketplace now offers the Curve Finance cover policy, a DEX for stablecoins.

Weekly Report (Feb-20)

Multichain, Dexible, and Platypus Finance exploit. Rarible, and Lamborghini web3 initiatives.

Exploring the Advantages of DeFi2 Insurance

Learn about the advantages of DeFi2 and how it can help in the adoption of DeFi insurance.

Solidity Integer Overflow & Underflow

Understanding the smart contract vulnerability caused due to integer overflow and underflow.

Platypus Finance Flash Loan Attack

Learn how Platypus Finance was exploited via flash loan attack leading to a loss of $9 million.

How was Multichain Exploited?

Learn how an attacker exploited the Multichain's AnyswapV4Router contract to take away 87 ETH.

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