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A Guide to Ethereum Gas Fees and Ways to Reduce Them

A post about Ethereum gas fees, their calculation, and the role of transaction validators

Spotlight: LayerZero

LayerZero, a fast, secure, & cost-efficient protocol for inter-chain communication

Understanding the Ronin Network Exploit

Learn how the Ronin Network was exploited, resulting in a loss of approx. $624 million.

Understanding Atlantis Loans Exploit

Learn how Atlantis Loans was exploited, resulting in a loss of over $1.15 million.

Understanding Sturdy Finance Exploit

Learn how Sturdy Finance was exploited, resulting in a loss of funds worth 442 ETH.

Solutions to Major DeFi Liquidity Pool Issues

Learn about Neptune Mutual's solution to issues faced by DeFi liquidity providers.

Understanding Signature Replay Attack

Understanding how signature replay attacks occur in Solidity, and ways to prevent them.

Unfolding the Wormhole Exploit

Learn about the hack on Wormhole and how the team counter-exploited the attacker.

Understanding Jimbos Protocol Exploit

Learn how the Jimbos Protocol was exploited, resulting in a loss of funds worth approx 4048 ETH.

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