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DeFi Hacks

Exploring Web3 Gaming and Its Sustainability

Understand the Web3 gaming realm, associated challenges, and how to make it sustainable.

Mitigating DeFi Risks with Parametric Insurance

Some recent hacks in DeFi and the role of parametric cover in mitigating DeFi risks

Analysis of the Orbit Chain Exploit

Learn how Orbit Chain was exploited, resulting in a loss of assets worth $81.6 million.

Analysis of the Pine Protocol Exploit

Learn how Pine Protocol was exploited, resulting in a loss of assets worth 40 ETH.

Understanding the Impact of a Bitcoin Fork

Learn the details of an old Bitcoin fork, its causes, and its effects on the network.

How Was Rubic Protocol Hacked?

The Rubic protocol was compromised, resulting in a loss of over $1.4 million worth of funds.

Analyzing Raydium Hack

Raydium suffered loss of $4.395 million due to exploit likely caused by the loss of private key.

Nimbus Platform Flash Loan Attack Cover

Nimbus Platform Flash Loan Attack

Nimbus Platform was exploited using flash loan attack losing upto 278 BNB, approx $76,000.

Analysing Elastic Swap Hack

On December 13, 2022, Elastic Swap was exploited due to price manipulation. Total loss: $854,000.

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