Essential New Web3 Tools at Neptune Mutual

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Discover the utilities of Ethereum Address Checksum and Sign and Verify Message tools.

The recent growth and adoption of Web3 hint at a flourishing future for this technology. Not only is it revolutionizing the financial sector, but it is also gaining appreciation for its technological advancements. The technical aspect of Web3 remains incomplete without the use of Web3 tools.

The Web3 tools are crucial for developers to create, deploy, and manage applications within this ecosystem. For tech enthusiasts looking to pursue a career in Web3, these tools are invaluable for understanding smart contracts. Even regular DeFi users can benefit from Web3 tools to explore the potential of the next generation of the web.

At Neptune Mutual, we offer several free Web3 tools to help you choose the best ones for your projects. We've previously explained some of these tools and their applications. We'll introduce two recently released new tools in this blog post. Let’s dive in.

Ethereum Address Checksum#

A checksum is a piece of information used to identify errors in data. In Ethereum, checksum addresses help ensure addresses are error-free and correctly formatted, enhancing transaction accuracy and security. This system, introduced by EIP-55, ensures that the case of each character in your address is correctly written.

The Ethereum Address Checksum tool at Neptune Mutual is designed to help users convert an Ethereum address to a checksum address. Simply enter your address in the 'Enter an Address' field, and your checksummed address will be displayed in the 'Result' area.


If you look closely, you'll see that the case of the unchecksummed address is corrected.


Additionally, this tool allows you to check if an address is already checksummed. Enter your address in the 'Check Address Checksum' section to see if it's valid.


It's important to note that Ethereum addresses are case-insensitive. You can use the unchecksummed version of the address for transactions without issues. The use of uppercase and lowercase characters in the address is there to help humans detect errors while reading or writing the address.

Sign and Verify Message#

Signing messages in Ethereum serves various security and verification purposes. When you sign a message with your private keys, you create a cryptographic proof that you own the account or wallet without exposing your private keys. This process is used by many dApps for tasks such as login confirmation, agreeing to terms and conditions, token transfers, and smart contract interactions.

At Neptune Mutual, we provide a Sign and Verify Message tool to make signing messages easy. Simply connect your wallet, which will automatically fill in your address in the 'Address' textbox. Enter the message you want to sign, click 'Sign Message,' and confirm the action in the wallet popup. This will generate a cryptographic key for the signed message.


Additionally, our tool allows you to verify signed messages. You just have to enter the address, the message to verify, and the signature, then click 'Verify Message'. After doing so, a card will appear, letting you know whether the signature is verified or not.


Final Words#

Neptune Mutual has been committed to the Web3 community with several tools useful to developers and Web3 users. Our new tools - Ethereum Address Checksum and Sign and Verify Message tools come handy for transaction accuracy, data integrity, and ease of use.

In addition to offering useful tools, Neptune Mutual’s focus lies on creating a safe space for DeFi users with DeFi insurance. We provide cover policies to the users to protect their funds and assets from hacks and exploits.

We have a marketplace available in the EthereumArbitrum, and BNB Smart Chain networks. Web3 developers and project owners can create cover pools for their products in our marketplace, allowing their community to purchase cover policies.

We operate on a parametric model, so the claim payout is based on predefined parameters rather than individual loss claim assessment. This results in a faster and seamless payouts.

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