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A Guide to Purchasing a Cover Policy

A brief guide on how to purchase a cover policy in the Neptune Mutual marketplace.

Understanding Ethereum EIP-4844 Standard

Understanding sharding, dank-sharding, and proto-danksharding Ethereum EIP-4844 Standard.

The Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade & Liquid Staking

A brief overview of the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade and an introduction to Liquid Staking.

Privacy Pools and ZK Roll-Ups

An introduction to privacy pools, Zero-Knowledge roll-ups, and use-cases in DeFi Insurance.

Let’s Understand EIP-4337

Learn how EIP-4337, Account abstraction improves DeFi user experience and adoption.

Claim Assessment in DeFi Insurance

Claim processing can be complex depending on the insurance provider's assessment of incidents.

Exploring the Advantages of DeFi2 Insurance

Learn about the advantages of DeFi2 and how it can help in the adoption of DeFi insurance.

Arbitrum a layer2 for scalability and efficiency

Arbitrum Layer 2 for Scalability & Efficiency

Learn why Arbitrum is a powerful layer 2 blockchain solution for scalability and efficiency.

Ethereum classic's 51% attacks

Ethereum Classic 51% Attacks

Learn about how the multiple 51% attacks were carried out on Ethereum Classic on 2019.

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