Referral Program and Cashback Codes

We will be rolling out a variety of programs to raise awareness of our cover marketplace. We will also incentivise users to purchase cover from, and provide liquidity to, dedicated and diversified cover pools.

Referral Program#

We are developing a fully fledged referral program that will enable cover creators, institutional partners and individual users to benefit when users that have been referred to the marketplace make their first transaction.

Keep an eye out here for news and get in touch if you are a partner that would like to become part of the referral program in order to:

  • provide a one-off discount to your community members or friends
  • gain a cash-back bonus when members of your community or your friends purchase cover in our marketplace.

We will provide a link here to access the referral codes section of our website in the future.

Cashback Codes#

From time to time we will be issuing discount codes to promote awareness of our marketplace.

Currently if you are looking to buy a cover from our marketplace you can benefit from USDC cash-back on the protocol fees of your transactions. Just use the discount code WOWOWO when you purchase a transaction.

Expires: APR 2023

Track Rebates Here:

Join our Discord channel or Twitter community to be notified of new discount code promotions.