What Is SportsFi? Sports Meets Blockchain

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An article explaining everything about SportsFi, its applications, and opportunities.

Blockchain technology, initially famed for its role in finance, has now spread through various industries. One of the most dynamic intersections is seen in the sports industry, leading to the emergence of SportsFi.

SportsFi, short for Sports Finance, is an innovative blend of the excitement and global appeal of sports with Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This fusion is reshaping the sports industry's business models and opening new avenues for fan engagement, marketing strategies, and community building.

In this article, we’ll dive into the basics of SportsFi, explore its different aspects, and talk about some of the leading projects in the SportsFi sector.

SportsFi Overview#

SportsFi can simply be explained as the fusion of sports with DeFi. It leverages DeFi elements like smart contracts to automate and streamline transactions, bringing a new level of efficiency and transparency to sports-related finances.

This collaboration extends to various sports organizations and teams, reshaping how they operate and engage with their audience. It is rapidly shifting how fans interact with their favorite sports teams and athletes, offering a unique blend of engagement, investment, and digital ownership.

The range of applications for SportsFi has been growing. Introduced as a way to engage fans in a unique way, its application has been seen in ticketing, broadcasting, participation, fantasy sports, collectibles, and much more.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the primary elements transforming fan experiences and opening new revenue opportunities in professional sports. The collectibles range from game-winning highlights and autographed jerseys to exclusive fan club memberships, offering fans a tangible piece of sports history and experience.

Take a look at this tweet, for example.

The appeal of SportsFi is particularly strong among the younger, digitally-savvy generation, who are naturally inclined towards innovative and interactive financial solutions. This makes SportsFi a strategic approach for sports entities looking to tap into a new, tech-forward audience.

Different Aspects of SportsFi#

Let’s look at several aspects of SportsFi.

Tokenization of Sport Assets#

Tokenization in SportsFi involves converting sports-related assets into digital tokens, which can then be traded on various platforms. Assets such as tickets and merchandise can be tokenized, which can then be awarded to the fans. The tokens represent ownership or rights and are recorded on a blockchain.

For instance, a football (soccer) club might tokenize its stadium seats, allowing fans to purchase tokenized shares.

Fan Tokens#

Fan tokens are a revolutionary way to increase fan engagement and are a key feature of SportsFi. Fans can own these digital assets, which provide them with a new level of interaction with their favorite teams, access to exclusive content, and unique merchandise.

For example, football club Manchester City has issued its fan tokens through the Socios platform. The $CITY tokens allow fans to receive unique VIP rewards, club promotions, games, and voting rights at certain club polls.

NFTs and Collectibles#

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in SportsFi represent unique digital collectibles, such as iconic sports moments, player cards, or exclusive merchandise. These NFTs are often limited in quantity, making them rare and highly looked-after.

For example, NBA Top Shot offers fans the chance to own, trade, and collect NFTs of memorable NBA game highlights. Similarly, platforms like Sorare provide digital trading cards of players as NFTs, which can be used in fantasy leagues.

Enhanced Fantasy Sports#

SportsFi is revolutionizing fantasy sports by integrating blockchain technology for more transparent and fair gameplay. Blockchain allows for real-time data integration and makes the fantasy sports experience more immersive and engaging.

Sorare, a global fantasy sports project, combines fantasy games with NFT collectibles, where users can build virtual teams using digital player cards.


Sport betting on blockchain offers a more secure and global platform for sports betting enthusiasts. It reduces the risk of manipulation and ensures fairness in betting odds and payouts since there’s no central authority governing the platforms.

Projects like StakeCloudbetSportsbetThunderpickBets.io, etc., offer decentralized sports betting where users can bet on various sports events with crypto.

Stake is a prominent name when it comes to sports betting with crypto. It has partnered with VIP celebrities such as rapper Drake. He has been seen broadcasting several live UFC, NBA, and online casino betting events on Stake.

Moreover, Stake has also partnered with several social media influencers, football clubs like Everton FC, Watford FC, and the F1 team Alfa Romeo.


The sports industry has seen a significant number of sponsorships from multiple Web3 companies. The idea is to leverage the global appeal of sports to enhance the visibility and acceptance of digital currencies. In recent years, over $3 billion has been invested in sports sponsorships by crypto firms, indicating a significant shift towards digital currency in the sports world.

This strategy includes high-profile sponsorships from companies like BinanceCoinbaseCrypto.comBlokchain.comeToro, and much more.

XBTO, one of the major sponsors of the US MLS team Inter Miami CF, can be seen on the players’ jerseys. Following the move of Lionel Messi, one of the most popular and influential footballers, to Inter Miami, Bloomberg writes, “Messi is a walking crypto billboard.”

Player’s Salary in Crypto#

The trend of compensating athletes with cryptocurrency has gained momentum, particularly after the total token market cap surpassed $3 trillion in 2021.

NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. was a pioneer in this movement, opting to receive his $750,000 salary in Bitcoin. Similarly, Andre Iguodala, an NBA player, announced his decision to take a portion of his salary in Bitcoin, partnering with Cash App.

Other notable athletes include Trevor Lawrence, who converted his signing bonus with the Jacksonville Jaguars into cryptocurrencies, and Sean Culkin of the Kansas City Chiefs, who took his entire $920,000 salary in Bitcoin.

Chiliz - The Leading SportsFi Project#

Chiliz has emerged as a pioneer in the SportsFi industry, particularly in the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and fan engagement sectors. It’s a blockchain provider for sports and engagement, and the company behind the creation of fan tokens.

This company has developed a unique cryptocurrency trading platform that specializes in minting fan tokens for various sports teams.

The platform's reach is extensive, covering a range of sports. It includes partnerships with football teams like FC Barcelona, PSG, Inter Milan, Manchester City, and many more. In addition, it has partnerships with several teams in basketball, cricket, racing, and the UFC. To this date (December 2023), Chiliz has over 150 sports partners.

The Chiliz Token (CHZ) is central to this ecosystem, which acts as a form of fan club membership. The holders of the tokens are entitled to several perks, ranging from access to special events, meet-and-greet opportunities with athletes, and the ability to participate in activities and promotions.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular SportsFi projects.


Socios is a SportsFi platform built on the Chiliz network, with $CHZ as its official currency, ensuring a secure and transparent environment for transactions.

Launched in 2018 by Chiliz founder Alexandre Dreyfus, Socios has influence across various sports and leverages fan token technology to create a new level of engagement between fans and their favorite sports teams.

Socios has a mobile application functioning as a fan loyalty and rewards app that offers official fan tokens for various sports teams. Fans can use these tokens to participate in decision-making processes, access exclusive content, and enjoy unique experiences.

Binance Fan Tokens#

The Binance Fan Token Platform is an initiative by Binance that offers fans unique digital assets, known as Binance Fan Tokens. These tokens enable fans to participate in a variety of interactive activities, ranging from voting in club decisions, such as jersey designs and team songs,and so on.

In addition, the tokens offer access to exclusive merchandise through the Fan Shop. Fans can use their tokens to purchase items like match tickets and sports equipment at discounted rates.

NBA Top Shot#

NBA Top Shot is an NFT marketplace created through a partnership between the NBA and Dapper Labs. It has attracted high-profile investors, including NBA legends like Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson. It allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets based on video clips from NBA games.

The core of NBA Top Shot lies in its "Moments"—video highlight clips sold as NFTs. Each Moment is an officially licensed NBA NFT, minted with a unique serial number and detailed with game and player stats.


Sorare is a blockchain-based fantasy football (soccer) that blends fantasy football with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Users can buy, trade, sell, and manage virtual teams using digital player cards, which are unique NFTs verified through blockchain.

The gameplay in Sorare requires creating strategies and lineups based on the real-life performances of soccer players to compete in virtual tournaments.

Users can participate in matches or game weeks by creating teams with their cards, or they can focus on collecting and trading cards of their favorite players. The value of these cards could increase over time, offering an opportunity for financial gain as well as personal enjoyment.

Challenges with SportsFi#

SportsFi, like any emerging technology, faces its share of challenges. One of the most significant ones is market volatility. Prices of digital assets, including fan tokens and NFTs, can fluctuate wildly based on market trends, investor sentiment, and broader economic factors.

Similarly, the regulatory landscape for blockchain and Web3 is still evolving, with different countries having varying approaches. Compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) laws, know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, and securities regulations could potentially limit the scope and scalability of SportsFi initiatives.

The complexity of blockchain technology and the perceived risk associated with cryptocurrencies can deter traditional sports fans and investors, limiting widespread adoption of Web3. Skepticism about the stability and utility of crypto assets further compounds this issue.

Opportunities in SportsFi#

Despite the challenges, SportsFi offers lots of opportunities as well. It opens up sports to a younger generation that is familiar with digital currencies and online communities. It can attract millennials and Gen Z audiences to sports who value digital experiences and online participation.

Sports fans can enjoy a more interactive relationship with their favorite teams through fan tokens. They can influence team decisions, access exclusive content, and own pieces of sports history as tokens. This deeper level of engagement can foster a stronger sense of community and loyalty among fans.

SportsFi enables sports organizations to tap into new additional revenue streams beyond traditional revenue channels like ticket sales and merchandise. Tokenization, NFTs, and digital collectibles represent innovative ways to monetize fan engagement.

The integration of blockchain technology in sports paves the way for advancements like secure ticketing, transparent athlete contracts, and efficient payment systems. Blockchain's inherent security and transparency can enhance trust and efficiency in sports transactions, from ticket sales to player transfers.

For instance, Sports Illustrated (SI), an official ticketing platform, has launched “Box Office” in the Polygon blockchain, allowing people to purchase tickets for sports events, concerts, classes, shows, etc.

SportsFi also carries the potential to globalize fan bases. International fans can participate and engage with sports teams and events worldwide through digital assets and fan tokens, expanding the global footprint of sports organizations.

Neptune Mutual and SportsFi#

SportsFi is a flourishing technology that represents the convergence of sports, finance, and technology. For fans, investors, and sports enthusiasts alike, embracing SportsFi could be the gateway to being part of this exciting new frontier in the sports they love.

Recently, Animoca Brands, a leading investor in Neptune Mutual, has expanded its influence in the SportsFi sector by partnering with Chiliz. It marks Animoca Brands' entry as a node validator on the Chiliz Chain. With that, Animoca Brands will enhance the SportsFi ecosystem by providing robust support to sports brands through innovative blockchain technology.

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