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Cover Product Spotlight: PancakeSwap

A spotlight article on PancakeSwap with its features, financials, & security record.

How was the LianGo Protocol Exploited?

Learn how an attacker exploited LianGo Protocol by compromising the private key of LGT Pool owner.

Bevo nft project exploit

How was BEVO NFT Project Exploited

How was BEVO NFT project exploited by an attacker due to the deflationary nature of the tokens?

How Was BRA Token Exploited?

A logical flaw in the BRA token contract allowed a hacker to be profited by $225,000.

Weekly Report Nov7

Weekly Report (Nov-07)

A total loss of $32.5M in a week; government, and other big brands to launch NFTs, and more.

Melody Vulnerability

Decoding Melody Vulnerability

Melody hacked due to a vulnerability that allowed the application's token address to compromise.

Ulme Token Flash Loan Attack

Decoding ULME Token Flash Loan Attack

ULME token was attacked by a hacker using a flash loan attack resulting in 50,646 BUSD loss.

Plantworld Vulnerability

Plantworld’s Flash Loan Attack Analysis Report

Plantworld $PLTD became the latest victim of a flash loan attack, due to flaw in transfer logic.

Weekly Report Sep12

Weekly Report (Sep-12)

Sony Music has filed a trademark application for NFT-authenticated music. LG to launch NFT market.

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