DeFi and Cryptocurrency Hacks

The DeFi hack database provides a summary of major cryptocurrency hacks, exploits, smart contract vulnerabilities, and much more.
DeFi Hack Database

Total Events 20

Amount Lost Chains Technique Description Link
ASKACR Token 21/03/2023 85 BNB Logic Error
BNQ Token 20/03/2023 $72K Rug Pull
Harvest Keeper 19/03/2023 $933K Rug Pull
ParaSpace NFT 17/03/2023 2909 ETH Smart Contract Vulnerability
Block Chain Games 13/03/2023 128.45 BNB Rug Pull
Poolz Finance 15/03/2023 $550K Smart Contract Vulnerability
Euler Finance 13/03/2023 $200M Logic Error
PeopleDAO 11/03/2023 $120K Social Engineering Attack
Hedera 09/03/2023 $600K Smart Contract Vulnerability
Tender Protocol 07/03/2023 $1.6M Oracle Misconfiguration
MyAlgo 19/02/2023 $9.2M Phishing Attack
ArbiSwap 02/03/2023 68.47 ETH Rug Pull
BitBNS 01/02/2023 $7.5M Unknown
Launch Zone 27/02/2023 $700K Price Manipulation
Dungeon Swap 27/02/2023 $728K Price Manipulation
Friendsies 21/02/2023 $5.3M Rug Pull
Hope Finance 21/02/2023 $1.86M Rug Pull
NFT Cloud 24/02/2023 265 BNB Logic Error
Dynamic Finance 22/02/2023 $22.4K Smart Contract Vulnerability
Electrum 19/01/2020 2,000 BTC Phishing Attack

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