DeFi and Cryptocurrency Hacks

The DeFi hack database provides a summary of major cryptocurrency hacks, exploits, smart contract vulnerabilities, and much more.
DeFi Hack Database

Total Events 748

Amount Lost Chains Technique Description Link
Kaspar Cheng 21/02/2024 $332.7K Wallet Compromise
Serenity Shield 26/02/2024 $5.6M Unknown
Shido 28/02/2024 $4M Private Key Compromise
Seneca 27/02/2024 $6.5M Smart Contract Vulnerability
Micro Strategy 25/02/2024 $440K Twitter Account Compromise
Risk On Blast 24/02/2024 420 ETH Rug Pull
Jihoz 22/02/2024 $9.7M Private Key Compromise
Blueberry 22/02/2024 457 ETH Oracle Price Vulnerability
Fixed Float 15/02/2024 $26.53M
Miner 13/02/2024 168.8 ETH Smart Contract Vulnerability
Not Found (404) 07/02/2024 $156K Rug Pull
Duelbits 13/02/2024 1760 ETH Private Key Compromise
PlayDapp 08/02/2024 $32.35M Private Key Compromise
Chris Larsen 29/01/2024 $112.5M Private Key Compromise
Abracadabra Money 29/01/2024 $6.5M Smart Contract Vulnerability
Citadel Finance 26/01/2024 $93K Price Manipulation
Nebula Revelation 24/01/2024 $180K Smart Contract Vulnerability
Bullran Index 21/01/2024 134 ETH Unauthorized Access
GAMEE 21/01/2024 $7M Private Key Compromise
Concentric Finance 21/01/2024 715.7 ETH Private Key Compromise

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