DeFi and Cryptocurrency Hacks

The DeFi hack database provides a summary of major cryptocurrency hacks, exploits, smart contract vulnerabilities, and much more.
DeFi Hack Database

Total Events 655

Amount Lost Chains Technique Description Link
Balancer 20/09/2023 $238K BGP Hijacking
Remitano 14/09/2023 $2.7M Private Key Compromise
Milady 11/09/2023 $1M Insider Collaboration
Friend Chips 15/09/2023 47 ETH Rug Pull
Mark Cuban 16/09/2023 $870K Hot Wallet Compromise
CoinEx 12/09/2023 $59M
Private Key Compromise
Vitalik Buterin 10/09/2023 $700K Twitter Account Compromise
FloorDAO 05/09/2023 40 ETH Smart Contract Vulnerability
GMBL Computer 06/09/2023 500 ETH Private Key Compromise
Stake 04/09/2023 $41M Private Key Compromise
Baby Shia Token 31/08/2023 133 ETH Rug Pull
Corede Finance 02/09/2023 27 ETH Rug Pull
BitBrowser 26/08/2023 $410K Private Key Compromise
SOL Big Brain 25/08/2023 $1.5M Phishing Attack
STV 26/08/2023 $500K Price Manipulation
Magnate Finance 25/08/2023 $6.4M Rug Pull
BTC20 19/08/2023 $30K Price Manipulation
Thales 19/08/2023 $35K Unknown
Exactly Protocol 18/08/2023 $7.3M Smart Contract Vulnerability
Rocketswap 14/08/2023 471 ETH Private Key Compromise

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