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Web3 Protecting Community

Is Your Web 3 Project Protecting its Community?

Successful attacks on blockchain platforms and protocols have become increasingly common…

Cyber Criminal Whales

Cyber Criminal Whales: The Rise of Crypto Syndicates

Crypto crime is undoubtedly an ever-present risk to both huge projects and your everyday…

Defi Moving Forward Digital Asset Security

DeFi Moving Forward: Digital Asset Security

It is without a doubt DeFi and cryptocurrencies are a thousand times more relevant topic…

DeFi Crime Data Review and Tips on Digital Asset Security

Chainalysis, the blockchain data platform, shared their latest Crypto Crime Report for…

Weekly Report Jan18

Weekly Report (Jan-18)

Lex exploited losing $7.94M worth of assets. Cardano launched NFT based gaming project.

Identity Theft In The Metaverse

Identity theft in Metaverse. What if your avatar is hacked?

I don’t have a VR headset and I still haven’t bought my NFT avatar yet so why should I…

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