Partner Program
Learn How We Can Bring Value to Your Business

We're all about supporting each other ensuring the success of our partners. We are interested in the following types of collaborations, but not limited to:

Smart Contract Audit Firms#

Smart contract security testing, consulting, and auditing is one of the most profitable businesses in the blockchain industry. As partners, we will work together to bring you new audit opportunities and recognize protocols audited by your company.

You Receive:

  • Regular Business Referrals
  • Grants

Our goal is to protect service providers and end users from direct losses. Yours is as well. Having a strategic alliance and cooperation would help us accomplish more.

DeFi Protocols & DAOs#

By creating a cover on the Neptune Mutual platform, DeFi protocols and DAOs may get a free membership. It's possible to have the NPM fee reimbursed or to get more funding to protect your project against potential attacks and vulnerabilities. If you join as a partner, you will have access to the developer tools and SDKs and be able to contribute your own token to the Staking Pools for funding.

You Receive:

  • Up to Full Cover Fee Redemption
  • Grants
  • Cover Pool Funding from Us
  • Strategy Support to Attract Liquidity Providers to Your Cover Pool

Innovation, building a strong community, and protecting your assets are all part of your job description. Our goal is to assist you in developing a business continuity plan so that you may be better prepared in the event of a potential attack. Neither of our objectives is out of line with the other.

Developers or Startups#

Create something that makes money for your business or organization by using the Cover SDKs and Protocol Contracts. If you have an issue, we'll address it right away and give free help and advice. You may also be eligible for NPM grants based on the work you've done.

You Receive:

  • Priority Bug Fixes
  • Free Support and Guidance
  • Grants

Our objective is to grow our ecosystem in order to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. Your aim is to create something original. We can help you attain success.

Cryptocurrency Exchange, Wallets, & Custody Providers#

By initially implementing a cover contract, cryptocurrency exchanges will become protocol members (as well as Neptune Mutual partners). Your cover contract is a defensive mechanism that protects your firm (or non-profit) from going out of business as a result of vulnerabilities or attacks. If a cover event happens, the protocol guarantees payouts in stablecoins. The protocol also enables collaborative liquidity financing for your pool and assists you in risk mitigation.

Furthermore, as partners, we will promote our users to your exchange, educate our community about your exchange or services via our educational initiatives, and much more. We're a youthful, open-minded, and totally devoted team eager to assist our partners in everything but acceptable means. We don't appreciate (and neither do our partners) unethical and immoral business practices.

You Receive:

  • Cover Protection
  • User Referrals
  • Training and Education Support to Bring New Users to Your Exchange or Wallet
  • Strategy Support to Attract Liquidity Providers to Fund Your Cover Pool
  • Cover Provision Funding from Us

Maximizing profits while avoiding losses and boosting customer delight is your goal. Preparing for and safeguarding your users from possible threats is our goal. All we care about is reducing losses for you. You will not find a more dependable business partner than us, as we will always be there to assist you in the event of an incident.