Our Ethos

This document is a work in progress.

Our ethos defines us and serves as the bedrock around which we create our project and collaborate as a team. It is a straightforward guideline and framework that we first developed for all Neptune Mutual team members to follow. As a global family comprised of various people with diverse nations, languages, and religious views, our ethos defines, distinguishes, and unites us to operate as a unit.

Here are the five main pillars of our foundation

Fairness, Inclusivity, and Equity#

Human beings are not born prejudiced. This, we think, is not the default character of people, but rather what they learnt as children. Individuals should not be privileged based on "who" they are, but on "what" they have done. Equity is giving everyone with the chance to exhibit their ability to achieve and their desire to learn and grow.

Every person, regardless of their history, color, ethnicity, religion, or views, ought to be treated equally, with respect and understanding, and to be given equal opportunity..

Integrity & Openness#

What to do should always be the proper thing to do regardless of who approves. Create an environment conducive to individuals openly expressing their thoughts. A person's failure should not be used to excuse another's success. Others should welcome, promote, and accept clarification of a person's purpose or goal.

Create an environment in which individuals feel free to express themselves and speak their opinions without fear of being ignored or cut off.

Team Spirit & Leadership Mindset#

A successful team recognizes, supports, and celebrates the successes of its members. Individuals contribute to the team's success through assisting others in achieving their full potential. A great leader is indifferent with job titles and is continuously on the hunt for superior performance. A superior performer is always an achiever. A high achiever with the right mentality is critical to the success of any team. This always results in the same outcome:

Excellence breeds excellence.

At times, information must be carefully digested to safeguard the general public, investors, and the larger community. When one is uncertain, consulting with others becomes helpful. For instance, disclosing a new product feature or partnership, or responding to the press without first consulting the team is not dishonest, but detrimental.

Excellence breeds excellence. Create an environment in which you contribute to the success of others in the same way that they will contribute to yours.

Community & Trust#


  1. Work is our first home. We spend the majority of our time at work. 
  2. Validation of one's work comes from the customer community.
  3. Open source has captivated the globe. That, my friends, is the future.
  4. Without a supportive community, an open-source project is just a shell of what it might be.

Acting in the community's best interests fosters trust and aids in the development of traction. Receiving community support, validation, and encouragement adds colors your work life. Without a vibrant community, the team will suffer and morale will dwindle. It is pointless to work with a pessimistic mentality or attitude. When people are not driven, they cannot do their best job.

Which everything boils down to the same formula:

Success is built on community. Sustaining community support, validation, and traction are all examples of success.

Acting in the community's best interest guarantees the project's sustainability and success. Every team member stands or falls on the project's success.

Respect Privacy#

"To be left alone is the most precious thing one can ask of the modern world." - Anthony Burgess

The United Nations has recognized privacy as a basic human right. Due to contemporary technology breakthroughs, privacy issues are escalating to the point where being completely anonymous is either impossible or impracticable.

Respecting privacy entails honoring an individual's desire to be left alone. Different times, personal data and individual privacy have been infringed unlawfully by numerous entities (including governments) worldwide in order to accomplish their purpose. While people remain unaware of the goals behind the collection, processing, and usage of their data. Individuals are rendered helpless, since they lack the ability or right to agree, reject, oppose, or challenge such use.

Regardless of your differences or prior experiences, it is important to respect someone's desire for privacy.

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