Moderation Panel

Telegram and discord moderation panel is a small group of both team members and collaborators from the community who have earned our trust. The telegram moderation panel handles nontechnical code of conduct violations, has access to community moderation tools, and helps keep our community motivated, safe, and positive.

Any individual moderation board member identity, unless one explicitly shares by their own free will, must be kept strictly confidential. All moderators must respect others' wishes for privacy. Failing to do so will result in losing your moderation rights. Any request to violate any individual's privacy will not only be ignored but can also result in warnings or a ban by our moderation panel.

Past Moderators#

We thank you for your effort, diligence, and supervision to help us make our communities a safe, vibrant, and inclusive place for everyone. Without your valuable presence, we would not have made it so far. Our doors are always open for you so just reach out to one of the moderators listed above and indicate your wish to rejoin.