Apply to Contribute

As a decentralized project, we believe in an open, inclusive, and endorse "libre" philosophy popularized by open source and blockchain projects. We love free speech and take constructive criticisms objectively. Building a great community starts with being open-minded and welcoming toward opposing points of view. This helps us individuals enhance and better our version of reality. If we get upset and defensive towards people with opposite views than ours, we will never learn and get stuck in our ancient boring (and maybe wrong) ways of doing things. Note the following:

Humans see what they want to see.

Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief


We don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Only notes that are different can harmonize. The same is true with people.

Steve Goodier

Be Open-Minded#

Try to see things from others' perspectives as well. Do not engage in any debates unless you can debate equally well from both sides, any side.

Songs are as sad as the listener.

Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.

Aldous Huxley

Be Fair to Others#

Do not dismiss someone because they come off as loud. Someone can perceive an issue differently than you. You do not know what they might be going through in their life. Try to help them even if you don't have to.

The Top 10 Guru-Mantras#

Check out the following mantras first.

  1. be respectful, treat others with respect and dignity
  2. be a listener, listen to understand, not respond
  3. be a leader, help others when they're stuck
  4. be indifferent, praises don't gain friends, criticism doesn't make enemies
  5. be fair, yield fair decision despite your memories, experiences, and encounters
  6. be assertive, stand up for yourself and others
  7. be brave, enforce the rules, whoever they are
  8. be approachable, a friendly attitude helps you build trust
  9. be kind, give people second or third chances
  10. be inclusive, advocate for the rights of the one who need them the most

Well done! We plan to keep our moderation team small and efficient and therefore very careful about whom we add to the team. Although we're a fully bootstrapped startup, the contributors do receive a small stipend in stablecoin as a gesture of appreciation.

But Why Stablecoin?#

Unlike most cryptocurrency projects who have nothing except tokens to pay for everything, we have allocated a fixed amount in stablecoin tokens as stipend rewards.

If we don't value our token, why should anyone else? Recklessly providing tokens to anyone and everyone doing a good, bad, or mediocre job could enable a project to move two steps forward but then they will have to come ten steps backward to rectify their mistakes.

Also, we simply don't have excess tokens to provide as a reward. Once we hit the token distribution round, the amount will grow but we'll still provide the stipend in stablecoin(s) instead.

How to Apply?#

Fill up this Google Form and tell us how can you help us grow our community. We will reach out to you for the next steps.

If we don't reach out to you with an offer, it doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with your application. We might be busy or looking for something different, or simply don't have the funds to support new members. Our silence is not a rejection.

We're bootstrapping. Please do not pressure any of our moderators by messaging for a job. Only qualified people will be entertained.