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Precision Loss in Solidity Operations

Learn about the issues caused by the precision loss during smart contract operation.

How Was SafeMoon Exploited?

Learn how SafeMoon was exploited which resulted in a loss of approximately $8.65 million.

Cover Product Spotlight: SushiSwap

SushiSwap, a DEX offers the features like uitlization of liquidity pools, yield, and more.

Weekly Report (Mar-27)

Learn about ASKACR Token exploits. Magic Eden, Lazy Lions, & Tarzan advance their web3 initiatives.

Issues with Authorization Using tx.origin

Understanding the smart contract vulnerability caused due to the tx.origin for user authorization.

Building a Loyal Community with NFTs

We anticipate ingenious usage of NFTs to boost community engagement and loyalty.

How Was ASKACR Token Exploited?

Learn how the ASKACR token was exploited due to a logic error, resulting in a loss of 85 BNB.

Cover Product Spotlight: MakerDAO

MakerDAO, an Ethereum-based protocol and the issuer of DAI is now available in Neptune Mutual.

Weekly Report (Mar-20)

Euler Finance, and Poolz Finance exploit. Sony, Salesforce, and Moxy web3 initiatives.

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