Monthly Review - August 2022

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Monthly Review August 2022

We have completed the initial smart contract audit and preparing for the second round.


  • We are working on incorporating some suggestions made by a security audit firm for our second round of protocol's audit.
  • We are looking forward to launching our marketplace on the Fuji testnet in a few weeks, and we look forward to your participation in testing the application again, particularly the new diversified cover pool product: follow us in Discord and Twitter for updates.

Protocol Update#

Our protocol has already undergone its initial security audit by BlockSec, following which the development team successfully addressed the revisions recommended by the team. The audit report will be made available on our website in due course.

We have now employed another audit company to handle the second round of audits. The audit team has responded with a number of recommendations and adjustments and our development team is currently reviewing these; once all adjustments have been made we will make an announcement and publish the 2nd audit report on our website.

Our code base is open source, and the history of "commits" to our protocol, SDK, native website, and testnet repositories on Github can be viewed.

Upcoming Events#

Over the last few months we have added a new type of cover pool, called a diversified cover pool, to the application. The blog post, Enhance Liquidity via Diversified Cover Pools will help you learn more about the differences of this new type of parametric cover pool in comparison to dedicated cover pools.

We are pleased to share with you that we are on track to launch our marketplace on mainnet in Q4 of 2022, just over a year after incorporation and the start of the Neptune Mutual journey.

Prior to the mainnet launch our tech team is working on deploying the platform on Fuji testnet. This trial will be similar to our earlier testnet release on Ropsten and Polygon networks.

We look forward to your participation in testing the various features of our platform, and share with us your suggestions and feedback that you would like us to address.


We are always looking for qualified candidates for the positions of Senior React Developer, Technical Project Manager, and Blockchain Developer. So, if you have relevant experience in any of these roles, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us over LinkedIn if you are looking forward to working with us.

Blog Digest#

Hacks, exploits are multiplying at an alarming rate, and blockchain communities are facing millions of knocks on their vault door. Learn more about DeFi Insurance, its importance for digital assets, and how to get started with taking action to mitigate security risk in this blog post.

An onslaught of cyberattacks have raised serious concern about the underlying security of smart contracts, and the Web3 projects built on them. Learn about different types of smart contract security, and how the Neptune Mutual parametric cover policy marketplace can provide a safety net to users as well as boost confidence of a DeFi project community in this blog post.

In the face of evolving risks, and blockchain exploits, the need for a joint effort among cover protocol providers has become more apparent to meet the end users expectations. In this blog, we outline the importance of collaboration between onchain insurance solutions to improve confidence amongst stakeholders.